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Meatchee'se Boards


Meatchee'se catering offers beautiful displays for gatherings beginning at 25 people to over 100+ from a gorgeous display to enjoy over cocktail hour at a wedding, celebratory corporate functions, or even in home personally styled spreads for holidays or intimate gatherings. We offer traditional charcuterie spreads, along with brunch, lunch, and dinner items. 


Grazing tables are a sure to be the visual conversation centerpiece to make any event something to talk about, days after it's gone! 

Extra Large Multidimensional Spread.JPG
Extra Large Multidimensional Spread.JPG

Multi-Dimensional Installations

Gorgeous table scape displays to include all of your gourmet cheeses, cured meats, fresh organic fruits, crudité, dried fruits, olives, cornichons, dried fruit, nuts, artisan cracker/bread baskets, locally sourced jam, honey and dips, arranged on wooden boards, platters and tables-cape displays, adorned with greenery and florals to bring an aesthetic almost too beautiful to eat.

Flatlay for 75 Guests.JPG

Flatlay Installations

Graze installation with all the beauty, and minimal cleanup required! Flatlay installations are the perfect statement piece arrangement that can be prepared on any flat surface. Includes greenery and serving utensils.

Flatlay for 75 Guests.JPG

Single Serve Grab and Go

Prefer a grab and go option? Our single serve options are perfect hand held options for mingling at cocktail hours and corporate functions. Our Cups/Cones can be customized to fit the theme of your event with color or event stickers/logos.

Cones - $12.50/Cone
Cups - $12.50/Cup
Boats - $9.50/Boat

Service and Rental Fees Apply

Private Workshops

Want to learn to make your own? Let us come to you! In this 2 Hour workshop, together we create a board from start to finish, where you are provided with all of the fresh ingredients needed to curate an arrangement that can be taken home shared with up to 3-4 guests. Sharing is optional of course!

Charcuterie Workshop 1.JPG
Brunch Table.JPG


One of our most popular offerings, Brunch! A beautifully curated spread to include traditional breakfast items like mini pancake skewers/waffles topped with powdered sugar, assorted bagels/croissants, mini honey yogurt parfaits, fresh seasonal fruit, artisan cheeses/cheese spreads, cured meats, and pastries.

Premium Items such as prepared herbed cream cheese bagels with lox, mini avocado toasts, deviled eggs, sandwiches and salads available upon request.


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